Sunday, January 30, 2011

green bean salad

I made green bean salad this week. 

We had some green beans that Mike bought last weekend that really needed to be cooked.  I get tired of straight green beans sometimes though.  But they really needed to be cooked.  I was making chicken sandwiches and wanted a salad side.  Green bean salad, I thought!  

So, I blanched the green beans.  They are the french variety (haircot verts).  They were blanched for two minutes then chilled in an ice water bath.  I mixed them with a little sliced red onion and orange bell peppers.  I added a touch of fresh garlic, herbs de provence, and Good Season's Italian dressing... tossed the whole thing together and chilled.  WOW!  It was awesome, crisp, fresh. and the perfect companion to our chicken sandwiches!  YUM!

Make some for your sandwich nights!  (OK. they're not fries, but really tasty and good for you!)



  1. oh. I ate it all. I'll bring some to lunch next time I make it!