Monday, January 16, 2012

big bike ride

Well... we did the Jingle Bell run with RunClub on December 21st!  How exciting it was and so much fun!  I was so pumped with my running!

Here's my outfit for the run!

Here are Anna, Ms. E and I during the run...

...And our after run group shot with the big Christmas tree... I got a lot of running apparel for Christmas and missed a few days of running... so I was out to catch-up... 

Meanwhile, I wore big bad Doc Martins boots on New Years day and messed up my heel.  I didn't think it was too bad.

... a few light runs and one big run later (in my good running shoes), and I have a suspected stress fracture to my left heel.  SUCKS!  I've blogged about this a little but never talked about our Jingle Bell Run that was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! 

I can't run now... until I heal my heel.  Boo.  

My Doctor says I can cycle now though!  SO.... I get out my bike (named Maggie the light purple Magna).

Mike bought me the bike in May... right before it got hot as shit.  And it got hot as shit.  So I didn't ride it at all... then started running.  Well... I broke out the bike and went for a really good ride today...

Here is Juliana, my friend and Alumni Association President, fellow bike rider and inspiring person in my life. 

We rode from my house all the way out to the high five, past it, and back!  WOO HOO!!!!

Here we are at the High Five on our way back!

YUP... a goofy picture of me!  HA HA!

... And the high five again.  We went 13 miles!  What a nice bike ride... the weather was perfect and it was a beautiful trail.  AHHHH.  Love it!  So, I'll be biking while my heel heals and I can get back to running again.  

It was good...


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well... I've injured my heel. The doctor says it might be a stress fracture. I went in today at two and she sent me for an X-ray at presby. I drove out there only to find a miserable bunch of people waiting... I've got things to do, folks, so I'll be there at the crack of dawn to get my bones photographed.

I injured my foot on new years with my new-ish Doc Martins (boots). They were just getting nice and broken in. Well, the nice 'soft' leather buckled in on my heel ankle area. It was a little painful however I figured I could just run it out... The treadmill was ok... Not the 5+ mile run on the Katy trail! That was last Wednesday. I can barely walk now. The doc says six weeks or so depending on my X-ray. I can bike though!!! So there goes my aspirations of the half marathon in January. Don't worry run club!!! I'll be back!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Shut up!!!

OMG! I just downloaded my 'blogger' app for my iPhone! This is too awesome! Thank you to Cassie for cluing me in on this new app! Maybe this will assist me on my blogging frequency given my jacked-up schedule!!!