Sunday, January 2, 2011


This happened to me this week.

As usual fashion while on vacation from teaching, I sleep a little late, read the paper, and go work out at a leisure time of 10:00. While working out, I get to watch The Price Is Right, which is my goofy form of entertainment. On this particular day, I have a 'cocktail' lunch planned with my good friend Kathy. We exchange texts while I am going through the Lab and I have just enough time to return Mikey's Christmas jeans he doesn't like for the Levis' I knew he would like when I bough the ones he doesn't like. (note to self, just get the Levis or Converse you know he'll like)

SO... I'm rushing out of the locker room... iPhone in one hand, purse in other hand, keys on my pinkie, gym bag over my shoulder... say bye to Briana at the desk and head to the elevator. I get on said elevator and push P1. I get to P1 and the door opens. For some reason I stopped short of getting out of the elevator and my keys on my pinkie keep going... off my pinkie... and land in the door jam of the elevator. It's the same kind of door jam on all elevators with about 1.5" of free dropping air space between the floor we're currently on and the elevator. My keys are in the middle... dropping one key at a time through the door space to nothingness... my heavy key ring is the last to go through as I am trying to lunge for them without dropping my iPhone as well. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rattle rattle drop! Slow motion dropping... SUCK!

To Chris at the front desk... 'uh I dropped my keys down the elevator shaft'. Stares. 'Uh can you help me out?' Just a minute, maam.

So, I text Kathy and she laughs at me. I wait about 45 minutes. I call Kathy telling her she'd have to pick me up. I go to tell the front desk to hold my keys and lo and behold the maintenance guy finally got me my keys. YAY! Onward.

A final word to everyone, especially those who are slightly spastic, HOLD ON TO YOUR KEYS!