Friday, January 28, 2011

this happened to me today

It was one of those days...

I'm so tired...

I didn't go workout this morning. I was tired. I got up, put on my workout gear, fed the dogs, and while reading the paper I realized how friggin tired I was. At 6:15, while I was wrapping up my paper reading, I thought to myself 'if I could just lay down for a few minutes... that would help', so I closed my eyes for a minute... which turned into 15 minutes. At 6:30 I made the decision to forgo the workout and sleep for an hour. When Mike got up and noticed that I didn't say 'goodbye' he walked into the living room to find me crashed out on the couch. 'What are you doing?' says he. 'I'm tired.' says she! I get up and begin my day. I NEVER miss my workout. That how tired I am.

At work/school we have early release today which means we have a shortened schedule, odd period placement, and are done by 2:10. Because I have worked every Saturday this month I am allowed 'comp time' this afternoon. Tracie is the first principal to give us 'comp time' for working auditions which is awesome. So, all day long, I have this afternoon off. Looking forward to THAT!

During first period, I am taking photos of student work, running back and forth from my classroom and the photo room with students. All goes well. The second period today is my conference period. Since I didn't make my lunch (remember, I'm tired), I need to go find me a sandwich for lunch and I'm going to try out Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop. Wait. I can't find my school keys. Uh Oh. I look in the photo room. No keys. I look in my classroom. No keys. My office is locked and I have only 30 minutes to procure lunch and be back for my next period class to start. So, I find Alan, the head Janitor at school (and a really awesome person, super helper and makes sure the 900 plus people at the school have their building needs met).

I'm talking to Alan. 'Can you please open up my office? I seem to have misplaced my keys', says me.

'Sure, your office?', says he.

'Yes, thank you Alan.'

'Um, are your keys on a red keychain?' says Alan.

'Yeah, they are!' says me.

'Are they on a streatchy keychain?'

'Yeah!!! They are!!' I say thinking he may have seen them!

'Um, they're in your pocket' Alan tells me.

OMG! I die of embarrassment, Alan is just laughing at me. I'm laughing at me at the time and I'm still cracking up! At the moment, I felt like a cross between Lucille Ball and my beloved Grandmother, Mimi!

I can't say the rest of the day was smooth. I was not smooth today. But, I made it through the day, am home now, and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow at least until the crack of 8am. It's a good weekend and I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping you have a great one!


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