Saturday, January 29, 2011

the perfect dip

This happened over Christmas.  I was in Austin with my Mother, Sister and Sister's family of Charley (brother-in-law) and Gabey (my adorable nephew).  We were staying with my Sister, Liz and family.  Mother was driving in from Baton Rouge, LA, which is known for really, really great food, but not a Tex-Mex variety of dining experience at all. Mom has withdraws for her beloved Tex-Mex (she re-located from Dallas a few years ago).  When Mom arrived in Austin, we went to Maudie's Tex-Mex (I think that's the name).  My good friend, Patrice had taken me there this fall and the place is fabulous Tex-Mex, Austin style Tex-Mex, and it is close to where Liz lives.

So, while at Maudie's, we had the opportunity of seeing Gabey's new dipping skills.  He is 14 months in this video and just learning stuff... LOTS of stuff.. It is really awesome watching him grow and learn new skills.  As I don't have children of my own, it is an amazing experience every time I see him, to see all the new stuff, words, and actions he's learned and shows me.

So while you're watching the video, take note of a few things.  First, the dipping skills of Mr. Gabey.  Second, the cheeze glob on his mouth and end of his water straw.  Third and most entertaining, is the final dip by Miss Margaret, my Mother, and Gabey's Grandmother.  You'll see her hand come in and make a perfect dip.  Love it!


  1. Hey Paheena,

    I want me some perfect dip, but sadly I can't see the video. :( I will definitely check back.

    Love you!

  2. Oh, wait. Once I signed it it was a go. :)) My favorite parts: that C considered this to be genius level skillz and Mom's 3-pt, olympic style dip. A perfect 10.

  3. The 3 pt olympic style dip is awesome! LOL!