Saturday, June 18, 2011

my project

As I mentioned last week... I've been doing some home remodel of sorts this week, turning the old paige's room for her crap/'guest room' that had no guest facilities into a real  guest room!  It is done and I have the pictures to prove it.  If you remember, and if not, I turned Mikey's man cave #2 to paige studio #1.

So here is what I started with after I moved all of my stuff into my new studio.

Floors full of staples.  I had to remove 100's of staples out of the original 1958 cork floors.

Then there is the wallpaper.  OMG!  This used to be a child's room when we moved in 10 years ago this summer ( I can't believe that one either!).  We didn't want to deal with it when we moved in 'cause we had a lot of other painting to do in the rest of the house, and frankly comparatively, the purple walls and jungle motif was at least livable.

We had to remove it all... but look at those fine re-finished cork floors!  Nice!  Really Really Nice!

So, wallpaper is gone...  and we now have a nice blue accent wall.  I like it.

Here is the purple about to become white.  'White Clay' to be exact.  It's the same color as the studio walls.

I painted this beam the whole length of the house now, in three different colors.

Looking good!


And the Murphy bed is now blue...

So once we've finished painting we went to IKEA to get the furniture.

Here's the goods after we checked out.

And... Here is the recycle waste from the packaging after I spent 5 hours assembling the bed and two side tables.  I'm a little banged up and bruised now...

Here is the room as it sat Wednesday night at 11:00 after I finished all my work.  Looking good!

New lamp too... but I forgot to get the right bulbs.  UGH.  IKEA.  I'll be back!

So, Friday, I go back to IKEA and get the bedding, bulbs and a shelf thingie for the printer and UVERSE router, cause this room is the UVERSE hub.

Today, I hung pictures and assembled the shelf thingie for the printer, et cetera.

Looking good!  Got some good pics up.  Dad's in there, as well as Floyd, my grandfather that died when I was 11.  I sure do miss him.

...See, Here's Floyd.

Another shot of the room.

And... This painting is of my by C. Vail, when I was 3.

And the finished bed...

So, Now the guest room is REALLY a guest room.  It's ready for Mother, Liz and Gabey to come visit tomorrow, and it really looks like a real guest room that adults have in their houses.  We've come a long way, Babe!

Happy Father's day to all you Fathers out there in the millions of people reading my little 'ole blog...  Have a great weekend...

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