Saturday, June 25, 2011

visit with Liz, Gabey, and Abuela!

Well... This week I had Liz, her precious son, my Nephew, Gabey, and my Mother, Abuela come visit!  We had such a good time entertaining, eating out, fixing food here, and having pool parties!  What a good time was had by all!  I have some good video spots to share with ya...

This one is Gabey 'drumming' in the water... He's so cute.  He likes the bubbles he makes in the water and the train that goes by the back of my house (DART train that is...).

This one is Liz and Gabey talking about the doodle bugs that came out after we got the really sweet rain the night before (like 3 inches, YO!  YEAH!).

...And here is Gabe with his Abuela (Miss Margaret), eating hummus dip together.  They are so cute!!

So... I seriously hope the videos come through... and just know that I had a truly wonderful visit with my family!  Love you guys!


  1. It was a great time! I can't get the vids to work and they are covering a line of text too. FY. ;) Love you!!!

  2. Um, after the comment, strangely, the alignment and videos are fixed. :)) Yay!! You did a great job!