Friday, June 17, 2011

dog walk

So... I took the dogs for a walk earlier this week while I was working on my 'project'.  It was a big work day at the house, so I didn't go work out, 'cause I was working out at the house!  Being said... I wore my 'project working shorts' rather than my 'go work out shorts'.  Point... I had a pocket.  I could take my iPhone.  I could take pictures of my dog walk.  Not that that is an easy feat, mind you... Not easy at all.  Keep that in mind.

Here we are as we start our walk...  I find it's easier to take the dogs on the tandem leader when walking them alone.  This allows them to pull each other rather than having 120# of dog pulling independently.

Here's Ruby pulling away to sniff something.  What?  I don't know... she sniffs a lot of stuff that I have no idea what the heck she's sniffing...

Here is Ruby again.  She is eating this plant on the corner that she loves to chew on.  I don't know why.  She does it every time we walk the dogs.  It's her thing.  Can't be too tasty!

So, after we round the corner... like clockwork. Luke has to do his business.  I mean EVERY TIME!  He just had his first press at the house earlier on the pool deck.  This dog has some serious shit issues!  Be it pool deck, neighborhood entryway boxwoods, doesn't mater. but it's gotta be good!

So, now, I've gotta bag this shit up.  I use the little blue bags and that's all.  I mean, REALLY???? Why double bag this shit??? Everyone knows it's shit he's carrying!  (and, yes, he's gonna carry his shit.  I'm not!).

So, now we have the dogs smelling stuff... they do that.

The home stretch!

Almost done...

...And we're done!!!!  They are happy dogs!!!!!

So... Dogs like their walk... however it's HOT here... Like really really HOT!  So, we either walk early or late.  They love it though!  When we get home, Luke goes to the fan, Ruby gets in the pool. They know what's up when it's HOT!

More to come tomorrow on our 'project'... Good times!


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