Friday, June 3, 2011

it's summertime! WOOT!

Well... summer vacation just snuck up on me this year... I mean really, really snuck up on me.  I'm still expecting the temps to be in the 70's and I've got a big week next week... but NO!  It's over.  School's out.  It really didn't process until I got home after our faculty breakfast today and proceed to finish the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy!  I'm like... wow... I'm done... wait, really?  So, I got in the pool to read and started watering our plants 'cause the rain faucet is probably turned off for the summer and the temp is in the upper 90's... like almost a 100 degrees... It's starting.  But as I was sayin, with school being so 'on!' all year, it FLEW by!  

So, Before I was done with school, I got my friend, Cassie, to help me again with the video program on my MacBook Air, iMovie.  I'm not so good at it right now, so I'll be practicing.  I've got a video of Gabey talking to Liz and I when I went to see her last month.  It's a little low on the volume aspect so you might need to stick your ear on the speaker to hear him... or it might not even come up, in which case, please let me know!  I'm learning here, y'all!

Happy June!

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