Sunday, June 12, 2011

what could be in that package???

Well, folks... It's been a while since I've posted since school's been out.  Let me clarify myself...  I started the first unofficial day of Summer Vacation with the beginnings of a summer cold!  SUCK!  You see, I had a very important role in the Graduation ceremony.  As Lollie T. (our visual arts coordinator) is the official name reader during the graduation ceremony, It is my duty as Lollie 2.0 (thanks, Luis for coining this term for me) to be the hand shaker/hugger representative for the visual arts cluster for all the 180 graduating seniors, on stage...  with the other three cluster coordinators.  During the ceremony, I think to myself, geez, you really need to wash your hands before you leave.  The ceremony ends, I turn in my regalia, grab my shit, and book for the door.  My feet hurt, it's late, and I wanna get home to my Mikey.  I get lost finding my car in the bowels of the symphony center... finally find my car, and head home.  We have had a nice night.  Some drinks, some dinner, go to bed... I DIDN'T WASH MY HANDS!!!!

I realize this two days later when I wake up with a tightness in my throat and a dry cough.  UGH.  Summer colds suck!  This was last Friday, our last day of school.  I go to the school's breakfast at Luby's where they give out funny awards and yearly service awards ( I got the 'Jeff Liston dealing' award and have now served at Arts Magnet for a full 14 years!), then head to school where I snapped the following pictures.

So... I've had this cold for the past week, dear Mother and dear Sister are coming to town next weekend, and Mikey wants me to finish the guest room, which was part of the deal when I agreed to turn Mikey man cave #2 to Paigey studio #1.  I have to move my shit out of the 'guest room', clean it out, paint it, etc... More to come on that later.  Long story long...  I've been trying to get this done while dealing with a lingering, not to severe but still there cold.  More on this later... Just sayin' where I've been lately...

SO... Back to the pictures.

So, I'm leaving school with all my summer crap... ready to get summer vacation on... and I see this.

I take a double take and turn around for a better photo... Really?  What in the wall eyed world could this be in a school???  Really?? They're bringing Roses to school faculty?  I never got any! (note taken)

Wait a minute...  Craft bi fold?  Wait a minute, could not be real roses...

NO!  It's friggin' toilet paper, disquised as ROSES!  I don't know about you, but my shit don't smell like roses!  Doesn't matter what the package says or what fancy kind of toilet paper you have, not gonna change things, IN THE LEAST!  Just ask my dear husband!  WOO!  Stay clear, grab some matches, and leave the door closed for at least 30 minutes!

Happy Sunday, Y'all... I'll have more on the guest room re-model soon!

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