Tuesday, June 28, 2011

abuela and gabey eat cookies

So... Gabey really likes this 'oat crunch square cereal'.  He calls 'em 'cookies'.  So, when I was shopping for food for the Mother, Sister, nephew, doggie visit, I made sure to purchase a box of said 'oat crunch square cereal' so Gabey can have some 'cookies'.  One afternoon after swimming, and Gabey needed a snack, I brought out a bowl of said 'cookies' for Gabey to munch on.  I've found that munching toddlers = happy toddlers.  So, Gabey was sitting on Abuela's lap he wanted to share his 'cookies' with his Abuela.  ( I think he really does love her!)

Here's Abuela admiring Gabey as he eats his 'cookies'.

Here's Gabey shoving a 'cookie' in Abuela's mouth...

Here is Abuela 'pretending' to smile about having the cookie in her mouth!  She immediately spit it out and daintily placed it in an ash tray... without Gabey noticing.

He's so proud of himself!

... and afterward, everyone's happy!  They area so cute together!

Awwww!  I loved my visit with Abuela, Liz and Gabey!


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