Monday, May 23, 2011

visit with gabey

Last weekend, I went to visit my sister, Liz and her beautiful son, my nephew, Gabey.  It was a fun 24 hour turn around... and I have pics for you to enjoy!

Here is a picture of the 'Gallant Fox Vinyard'.  Liz is growing grapes!  They are so beautiful and bountiful!  Way to go, Liz! 

And... they have just recently added chickens to the mix!  I can't remember their names but they are some kind of blue lace thingie.

Here's a close up of the grapes.  Beautiful!

...and some patty pan squash!  WOW!

Here's her corn.

...AND... Her horse, ZOE, has just moved in this spring!  She is healing well from the fence wound she had when Liz went to bring her home from East Texas.  She's such a pretty and sweet horse!

Here is a good shot of her new home!  Liz and Charley did such a good job with the shed/barn and fenced area!  She seems really happy (how does one really know if horses are happy?  She seemed it though...).

So... When I got to Austin, it was early afternoon, which quickly turned to early evening, with us going and buying swim suits and planning on going to Perdnales Falls.  We decided to forgo the adventure and come home to blow up the kiddy pool for Gabey to splash in.  Here is Liz blowing up the pool.  It is a way fancy kiddy pool, by the way!

And here is Gabey playing in the water!  'water... water... water...'.  He's a talker!  For sure!

Yeah, that's our water boy... can't wait for him to come to our house and play in BIG WATER!  YAY!

He's really wet from splashing in the water!  Actually, one of his favorite games is splashing in the doggie water bowl!  Not our favorite thing for him to do though!

Nose kisses!  Sweet!

So, I got a few pictures of him eating.  He likes his kibble!
This is dinner!

And... This is breakfast!

And, here he is in the car... can't help myself 'cause he's so cute!

I'm in love!  I can't wait to see him again!

I've got a really good video of him talking... I've got to format it for the blog so it should be coming soon!


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