Monday, May 2, 2011

humming bird feeders!!

I recently set up our hummingbird feeder.  Actually I set up our original feeder in late March and had hummingbirds within minutes... Like a ton of hummingbirds!  So, Mike and I decided to place a second feeder in our yard to calm the hummingbird fighting that ensues when hummingbirds are feeding.

Here is the new hummingbird feeder we bought!

It's pretty and glass!

And has an easy clean bottom feature!  Bonus!

This is what you need to make hummingbird food:

It consists of a ratio of 4 parts water to one part sugar.  For example, you could use one cup of water to 1/4 cup of sugar, or four cups water to one cup of sugar (which is what I used for this recipe).  (notice Mike in the background)

You need to use hot water from the tap so the sugar dissolves properly.  Then you must stir, stir, stir...
You can see both of the hummingbird feeders here.

Here is the new feeder that we placed close to our patio, where the original one used to be.

Here we placed the old hummingbird feeder in the back of our lot, behind the pool.  It got immediate attention from hummingbirds!

Now. we'll see how this works.  I am working a lot during waking hours when hummingbirds are out feeding, so I don't know yet if this is a good idea.  I really like having the hummingbirds coming onto our porch to feed so I can watch them and if the other feeder is keeping them from visiting us on the porch, I'll have to re-arrange the situation... I'll keep you posted!

On a side note, it is 45 degrees right now, so I don't expect any hummingbird action 'cause they don't move around much when it's cold.

So, Go get a hummingbird feeder, make some hummingbird juice, and watch the little hummers go to town!  It's so easy and fun!


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