Monday, April 25, 2011

oops our power went out!

A week ago Friday, the wind was so bad!  It was so bad that I couldn't fire the outside, gas reduction kiln, named Gale, because the wind kept blowing the pilot light out.  Frustration ensued... and I finally put a quit to the firing schedule... oh well...

So, I go about my day... La, La, La.... and I'm noticing, while in my protected little classroom, that the trees are swaying around in dancing fashion.  Then, I notice that the sky is a getting hazy... No worries I think to myself.

I go to work out... and on the weather they are talking about all the horrible winds going on.  'Oh jeez,' I think to myself.   Our power goes out at every inconvenient  happenstance that should happen to one unsuspecting individual... like myself.  If we get a little ice or snow, oops our power goes out,  a really good thunderstorm, oops, our power goes out, and so on.

So I wasn't surprised to find, when I called Mikey, that our power was indeed out.  SUCK!

I came home and we decided to go out to find a venue to watch the Rangers' game. We found a nice little hang out called the 'Pour House' which is on Skillman near my Father's Coffee Co.

When we came home around 9:30, the power was still out.  Instead of wallowing in the pain of having no electricity or entertainment, we opted to stream in Ira Glass on our iPhone!  What a glorious discovery!  We sat out on the porch for hours listening to 'This American Life'!  Nice!

Adult beverage, candle and the iPhone...

Mike and Luke!

Nice candle...

When the power finally did come on, Mike asked me to pretend the power wasn't on and leave all the lights off for a while... It was a really nice evening!


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  1. Awww! That's awesome! :) Great way to make lemonade.