Friday, April 1, 2011

april fools!

I like April Fools Day!

Sometimes I try to make the most awesome prank... This year I had the best idea!

My dearest cousin, Krystal, lives on my way to work-out and I had this great idea to do something to her on my way to work-out in the morning which is about 6:45 am.  She certainly wouldn't be up at that un-godly hour and it would be dark outside.  Sweet!

Then... I called my doctor earlier this week to schedule my blood work.  The only time they could schedule me was at 9:15 am.  This is after fasting from midnight last night.  Oh crap.  If I go work out, then check in at school, then go to my exam, which will take forever, by the time I ate I would be a raging bitch.  Scrap plan #1.  Go to Plan #2.

Plan was to get at a leisurely time of 6:30, not eat anything or drink coffee, just water, check in at school, go to doctor, eat something, and go decorate Krystal's house after that since I have a conference period from 10:30 to 12:00.

All is going well... I go to the party place and get yard signs that say 'It's a Girl!!!', plus several balloons! I eat something, and go by Krystal's house... she's there!  Oh no!!!  Crap!  Gotta go by after school and hope she's not there!

Enter my friend, and gallery person at school, Jen.  Jen was supposed to bring Krystal some Plexiglas for her new art show coming up.  Perfect... I can bring it (the Plexiglas)  to her house and since she'd be out until around 7, this gives me some time to do it right.

Soooo..... After school I go over to Krystal's house with the Plexiglas, my 'It's a Girl' signs, and my poor deflated ass balloons.  To my horrors, Trey is there with FRIENDS!!! Ho NO!!!  What do I do!?!?!

I deliver the Plexiglas... and stealthily stick one of the signs in the corner of her yard.  The ground is hard as cement so the sign is crooked.  I tie the pathetic balloons onto Trey's jeep, and took a couple sorry pictures.  I didn't want his company to wonder what Krystal's crazy cousin is doing to their yard.

This is my stealth photo from my car.

OK... I crept up a little closer to get a better shot... not too good.

Pathetic balloons... one which popped before I could drive off...

Ugh... So I did it.  Not as grand as I had envisioned.  Oh well...

I still have one sign left.


Oh Tiff... I wonder how long it will take her to find this in her yard!  LOL!

Ha Ha HA!!!

So later... about 7:25, I get a text from Krystal...

Says she, "It's a girl you snake!!!  I'm laughing my ass off!  Sure our Baptist neighbor loves it!"

Says We, "Whatever are you talking about???"

and... "April Fools!  Here's to Miss Honeycutt!"

Happy April Fools, Y'all!

He He He!


Pay dirt!  HA HA HA!!!

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