Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Bunny did WHAT???

Last Sunday Mike and I went to brunch with my cousin Kiki and her beau, Trey.  We went to Ozona, which has this thing called 'Bloody Mary Bar'.  What 'Bloody Mary Bar' is, is a buffet set up with all the Bloody Mary fixins, including Bloody Mary mix, V-8's (for those of us watching our sodium intake, like myself), horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, celery, pickled okra, pickles, green onions (which my husband calls chives), jalapenos, shrimp, and more stuff I can't remember.  When you order the Bloody Mary bar, you get a glass with your choice of vodka (Tito's vodka, made in Austin, for us) and then take said glass of vodka and ice to the bar and fix your own custom made Bloody Mary!  How fun!  

This is Trey's custom made Bloody Mary!  WOW! (I forgot to mention they had carrots at the bar).

This is Mike's custom made Bloody Mary!

I had no idea you could shove so many things into a Bloody Mary!  We only had one 'cause I had lots of studio moving things to do last Sunday!

During the rest of my Sunday, I moved all of my books, paints, things, stuff, and book shelves into my new, coming along, studio.  It was a busy day filled with reminiscing while looking at old photographs, my own photos plus photos my parents have given me of when they were young and I was merely an embryo.

Apparently, this is my father after his bachelor party.  I took a picture of this picture to humiliate my dad.  It worked.  He texted me later in the day wondering where the *cuss* I had found this picture!  Ha Ha!

So, the week goes on... busy with meetings and getting ready for AP exams.  Nothing too exciting.

On my way home from work last week I found this in my neighbor's yard.  I had to turn around and take a picture 'cause it is just WRONG!!!  I showed the picture to Mike and he said, 'It's the Easter Bunny holding an egg'.  Hmmm.

That's not what I see in this picture.

So, I showed my girlfriend at school.  She agreed with me!

It's the Easter Bunny *cussing* an egg!  HA HA HA!

Gives a new meaning  to *cuss* like a rabbit!

Happy Early Easter, Y'all!


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