Thursday, May 5, 2011

on a walk today

I had to stay after school today for a bit... to let my students finish their AP portfolios.

Upon coming home around 6:30, Mikey suggests we take the dogs for a walk.  It sounds like a great idea, the weather is perfect, sunny skies, and a walk sounds great.

When Mikey takes the dogs for a walk, He always takes the little blue shit bags plus he puts recycled grocery bags in his pockets to put the little blue shit bags in.  We have 'invented' a new way of carrying dog shit home while walking the dogs.  We tie the shit bags onto the dog leash so we don't have to carry said shit bags.  Mikey likes to put the little blue shit bags into a larger recycled grocery bag.  Like anyone is going to wonder what is in the bag...   I can hear them, "Oh I wonder what could be in that grocery bag?  Are they coming home from 7-11 with taquitos?  Maybe some sundries from CVS??  What could that dog be carrying in a plastic bag tied to a leash???  What a mystery??"

So, today, we take the dogs for a walk.  (by the way, our dogs don't know the word for 'walk', however when Mikey gets the recycled bags, the dogs know it's time, TIME! ... and they come a runnin'!)

While on said walk, the dogs do what dogs do while on walks... shit.  Ruby first, so I do the Mikey way of carrying shit home.  We've got Ruby poo in a blue bag then in a recycled grocery bag.  Then Luke does his business on top of a bush (which is his preferred shitting place, on TOP of shrubbery!).  So I tie up both piles in the recycled bag and tie it to Ruby's leash.  So hear's the deal, the bag of shit is maybe 4 inches off the ground while we're walking.  I finagled it so that the recycled bag is on Ruby's back and the poo is hanging off like saddle bags.  It's working like a charm.  She is not fazed At. The. Least!  Then, a car drives by, slows down, and honks at us, with the two guys in the car are bwaaa haaa haa'ing at us, as I bwaa haa haa!  OMG!  Too funny.

I just wish I'd brought my camera phone to capture this funny sight for all of my million blog readers!

Happy dog walking, y'all!

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  1. Watch out for the steaming taquito. :) 1 million & 1.