Monday, May 16, 2011

dark skies bring out pranksters

We had some weather last week.  It mostly consisted of some pretty good thunder storms and a really good rain, which we need, badly!  Around 2 - 2:30 the skies started turning really omnious.

It was an 'A' day, which means I teach straight through, with a senior only class from 1:20 to 2:45.  So, my zany seniors were in class as the skies darkened.  As the skies darkened and started to swirl, I went out the back door to check it out.  (our classrooms back up to an outdoor work area then to the faculty parking lot, facing north to uptown)

So I took these pictures...

This is my view towards uptown.  From my classroom.  Look at those clouds!  They were swirling!  Awesome (since nothing got damaged).

Then this happened...

While getting the iCamera ready for action (activating the 'zoom' feature, which isn't really easy to do)  the kids were hovering around me.  Dylan kept trying to get in the picture and I annoyingly gave him the stink eye.  As I focused the camera and took the picture, he timed his jump into my picture frame at the exact time to capture this:



Ha Ha HAA!

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