Friday, February 4, 2011

snow days and days and days!

Well... we've had four snow days in a row.  I'm going a bit stir crazy.  I didn't want to bore my humongous blog audience (right) with my stir crazy thoughts but I thought I'd update you on my 'fun' activities.  

I baked a banana bread with the old bananas I was going to pack in my lunches this week.

I colored some more postcards which I will talk about another time cause they are in the mail.

I hung some pictures that needed to be hung.

While wearing my footies.  I love my footies... they are great for really 'cold' weather.  I know, it's not really cold relatively speaking but it's cold to Big D... our average temp in January is 59 deg.

 I started a new postcard drawing.  It's Mike taking Luke for a drag,  I  mean walk.

We watched movies... 'The kids are alright' which is an awesome movie highlighting a lesbian couple with kids going through things couples, straight or gay, go through.  We watched 'The Fantastic Mr Fox', which is an animated movie directed by Wes Anderson with George Clooney, Meryl Streep, and Bill Murray to name a few.  It was really cute and funny.  Cussing funny.  Then we watched the 'Secretariat' today.  Awesome movie.

 I made Indian Food last night.  It was pretty good considering it was cheap and we had all the fixin's here.  If we had ordered, it probably would have been better but whatev.

You gotta live a little and try something new.

We got ready for bed and when I was shutting down the house at about 12:30, I find this out in my back yard.


 Coming down FAST!  It wasn't snowing 30 minutes earlier and we have 2 inches already.  Remember, Dallas has been shut down for ICE, not SNOW.  Ice that will not melt!  Now snow!?!?!

 This is my car this morning.  I woke up to four inches.  It snowed another 2 inches all day long.  Wait, WHAT!?!?  It was supposed to get above freezing today... but NOOOOO!  High 28 deg.  The warmest since Monday night.
 The front yard with 'Phyllis Diller' the eucalyptus tree.  (it's the small tree)

 Ruby playing in the snow!

Ruby snuggling with her nice Martha Stewart sweater on.  On her doggie bed, not the couch.  (Sorry, Luke, the only pic of you I got today was you playing leap frog, aka, pooping.)

 I did find this picture of Me and Shiner Bock, My GSD!  I miss Shiner!  I'm wearing this same sweater today... I think this picture is 8 years old.  She died almost two years ago at the ripe old age of 15.

And... Most exciting of all... I took this picture of Boris, our halloween freaky thing we put out to scare the children when they come for tricks and treats.

Take care, stay warm, and enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend!



  1. :) Liked the banana log. Oh the places that could go. And I lol'ed the sentence, "While wearing my footies." . that's it. .

    Footies really are a great thing. Oh, and I'd like some biryani. Delivered to my door would be fine. I made beef stirfry tonight and green chicken chili enchiladas or chicken green chili enchiladas or enchiladas chickens chili green or something. ;) for tomorrow night since I work tomorrow. Love ya!!

  2. That Paige Furr is about the most adorable woman in America!!! This is spectacular. I always knew!
    I love you, Mommacita