Tuesday, February 8, 2011

more postcards

So... Last week was my sister's 33rd birthday.  I made her this postcard from my postcard creative coloring book.  I sent it this weekend (wanted to send it earlier but I was snowed in).  I drew a picture of her and I in coloring book style, I guess.  She's on the left, I'm on the right.  You'll see some funnies... the plates are her blue rimmed plates that her parents got when they got married... I remember them well from my childhood.  I, of course am wearing an orange shirt and have a bendy straw in my tea.  I love my bendy straw.  Sister is wearing purple cause if I drew her in blue, she would match the blue candles and I think blue is her favorite color.  

I also made this one for my monkey nephew, Gabe.  You'll notice that the monkey is climbing a made-up tree on a made-up beach with little mountains in the background.  What I find amazing is the little lady bug representing my grandmother, Mimi, and the red butt on the monkey... had to add that in!

So, we're getting ready for another whollop.  We'll see if it comes... forecasting this stuff isn't easy.  But if we are off... you'll see about it here!  Stay tuned!


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