Sunday, February 13, 2011

postcard... and old pics.

It's warming up here, finally! I am so relieved.  Over the past few days I've finished my latest postcard, gone through old photographs that my Dad had because his second wife, Kay, my 'step-mother', kept them for me after they divorced so I could have them as an adult.  And, I looking at the dried out, frozen, what is left of my garden.  I've got some real yard cleaning up to do the next few weeks before spring springs.

 This is my latest postcard creation.  It is a picture of Luke putting on the breaks while Mike walks him in the greenbelt of White Rock Creek behind our house.  This usually happens when He (Luke) sees a horse or similar animal out there.

This is a picture of me when I was probably around eight.  I am trying on Momma's old ballet outfits, practicing my ballet poses, in my Grandmother's bedroom, on the bed that is now in my Momma's bedroom in Baton Rouge, with the pictures of my Momma, and her three brothers, John, Skip, and Rock on the wall in the background.  Full circle.  Love it!

These are the pitiful carrots I pulled from my carrot patch.  With my busy work schedule, that often, more than not, keeps me away from home for 12 hours a day, I don't have the energy to coddle my poor plants or water them during our dry winter.  They are carrots though... Just tiny.  I'm gonna see if the others will grow a little more before I harvest them.

This is my new postcard creation.  I haven't done anything to it yet but will be working on it this week.  Happy Sunday, Y'all.  Have a wonderful week!


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