Wednesday, February 9, 2011

snow day #5!!!

WOW!  We had another snow day today.  I don't know if I can handle this frigid, freezing rain/sleet/'snow' weather any more.  I moved back to Texas for a reason... warm winters.

What'd I do today... a lot of nothing... and it was good.

 Here's my wonderful husband and my doggie, Ruby warming up after he had to go to work and feed the masses.  They have special moments on the lazy-boy.

 This is a mistake picture I took with my iPhone.  OOPS.

 This is where I spent my day... after I got out of bed at like, 10.  LAZY DAY.  We watched a movie on 'Movies on Demand'.  I like this.  We were able to watch 'The Social Network' today... at home!  Was awesome!

 and... I wore my footies all day long... and jammies well after noon!  WOW!

 I lit nice candles tonight 'cause it's soo cold out and we need some warmth in the house.

 More candles... I really need to eat that tangerine.

And this is what I read all day long.  Thank you Ree Drummond!  I love your blog,!  I love your book and pre ordered it for myself and my sister in Austin!  LOVE IT!

Stay warm friends!  It's gonna be cold tonight, but we're gonna warm up soon!  It's almost over in Texas, I hope!


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  1. a. it looks cold up in the Big D.

    b. I'm thinking the candles may not quite cut it. ;)

    c. more pics of your postcards, please!