Friday, August 12, 2011

...breaking news flash... breaking news flash...

Well... It's been damn hot here in North Texas, damn hot in all of Texas for that matter.  Hinges of Hades hot.  Crispy critter your yard hot.  The pool's a bathtub hot.  Dogs won't even go outside hot.

"Oh, but it's a dry heat,"  My ass.  Think surface of the sun hot.

We were giving ole 1980 heat streak a run for her money.  I remember that summer.  I was 10, (yeah, do the math, wise ass), and at summer camp when the mercury hit 113 in Dallas.  I was in summer camp west of here where it gets HOT HOT HOT! So, I'm almost 10 (the birthday is in August), at summer camp, no air conditioning, riding around on sweaty horses and going caneoing.  I didn't really pay attention to the camp counsellors commenting on how hot it was.  They didn't tell us (rat bastards) so we wouldn't freak out.  We just knew it was hot... till I came home and the 'rents clued me in, plus the crispy lawns around gave a hint.  I survived that summer and am proud of it... 69 days of 100 + degree weather with a streak of 42 days.  The hottest summer in record in DFW.

Well... This year has been hot!  We've had a streak going for over a month, 40 days to be exact.  We flew by the second record with full force, with our highest reading so far of 110 degrees.  I'd forgotten how hot that is.  Think of a sauna, dry sauna, and you get the idea.  It takes the breath right out of you in a hot blast.  I'm not kidding.

Check it out...

This is the weather forecast a week ago.   Look at that!  Forecast of 111 degrees!!! Really??

This is the recorded temps throughout the day right before I went to the beach.  I must say though, it's a toss up between which is more bearable, a wet heat of balmy 98 degrees with 55% humidity or 106 with 25% humidity.  Steam room vs. sauna.  Both are miserable, unless you are at the gym or have a pool to jump in, least you scald yourself in the water... could happen!

So, We were supposed to break the record of the longest streak of 100+ days in DFW tomorrow... then yesterday when I went to the school to help with registration for a little bit, as I walked outside at about 2:30, I see this...

WTF???? What are those dark poofy things on the horizon?  What is that cool breeze coming from the north?  What's the temperature?  Oh NO!  We're going to break the streak!  NOOOOOOOOOOO!   (think when Luke finds out he's the son of Darth Vader NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!)

I was so looking forward to bragging rights for this summer. But alas, no.  Oh it got up to 97 degrees yesterday, and sure to form, it's 102 here today and I'm sure we'll have plenty more hot hot days, plenty!

On a refreshing note...

Today Kiki and I went to the FOE to go swimming and they have this contraption that cools the water (gotta look into that!) and it was so nice... think Barton Springs cool... probably 70 degrees.  AHHHHH.

That my friend, is the water cannon!  Nice!  We had fun with that.

So, I'll have more beach fun adventures to post about, but I had to share the breaking news before it's not new anymore.

Stay cool, my millions of readers!

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  1. 1 million & 1. :) Glad for the newsflash. Wish I could have gone with ya'll to that cool pool place. Love you!