Wednesday, August 10, 2011

random vacation pics.

Well... I'm back from my final summer trip, getting ready to start school next week.  I have a few vacation blogs and I was intending this one to be about the abundance of riches to be found in the skymall publications found on airplanes but was beat to the punch by 'Aunt Becky' of mommy wants vodka and I don't want to take away from her awesomeness by blogging about the same thing the same week... so I'll have to wait a bit before I humor my millions of readers about skymall.

So, I will entertain you with some random vacation pictures, and fill in with awesome stories in a future post.

So, Sister, Gabe and I were supposed to fly to New Orleans to rent a car and meet momma at the beach house on Mobile Bay, Alabama.  I was supposed to get on her Southwest airlines plane from Austin en route to New Orleans.  Only, her plane was taken out of flight minutes prior to boarding.  Dallas was able to find an alternate plane for us so we could continue to NOLA, sans sister and nephew.  POO.  I was able to get momma (abuela) to come pick me up in NOLA, as Liz was going to be taking some time getting there due to the flight reschedule situation.

Here's a shot of me waiting for the plane... before I realized that Liz was not going to be on the plane :(

Once we got to Mobile Bay, Fairhope, Alabama, we found our rental house.  It had this lovely pier to the pavilion on the bay where the lovely people that own the house had baited crab traps so we could have a feast of crab boil!

The pier and pavilion.

And here's Gabey!

He's such a fine looking kid with such a fine hat that Aunt P got him at the osh gosh store.

Here is another view of the piers.  Ours is the middle one.

... and a close up of the pavilion.  It's so nice out there!

We did a crab boil the next night.  Here's Abuela getting the crabs out of the crab traps.

Here's Liz and Gabey sitting on the swing on the pavilion.

And we went to the beach in Gulf Shores, AL.

What a beautiful beach with nice white sands!  Glorious! Indeed!

Abuela and Gabey walking out to the beach.

Gabey playing in the sand.

We also did some cooking... Here is the left over crab from our crab boil... about 3 cups from about 14 crabs.  There is a reason real crab is so expensive... It's a real bitch getting the meat out!

We also did some fishing and went to the outlet mall... more on that later.

But for now, Here is some Gabey love!

Gabe looking at a program on Liz's iPhone.

Gabe watching a program on Liz's laptop.  Notice how he is reclining...  He's leaning on his left elbow to watch his show.  He looks like a little man!  Too cute!

... and here is Gabe and I taking a picture... LOVE!

I'll get more up this week... I've got lots.


  1. Love it!!! Great pics and great fun!! I can't wait for the grand Bait Adventure! :)