Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the beach on a birthday!

While I was in the Mobile Bay area with Abuela and Sissy, we went to the beach in Gulf Shores, AL for my birthday!  YAY!  I was ready to see what this sugar sand beach was all about!

Here are Abuela and Gabey walking out to the ocean.

Here's a picture of my sister with a funny hat on.

OK... so it's not a funny hat at all but a bad photograph by me.  It's a tent in the background, wait, you can see the tent in the following picture of our beach loungers we rented for a few hours, umbrella included...

Liz and Gabey walking in the water...

Me taking a stupid picture of myself... dorks untie!  ... um, unite!

Gabey loved playing in the sand!  We showed him how to use the cups as a mold to build things with the sand.  I don't think he got it though... He did like putting sand in the cups and pouring it out, though!

That's some really nice, clean, not stinky, white sand!

Here is a shot of the beach... It was so pretty!

So, the beach we went to was the Gulf Shores State Park beach.  They had this nice pavilion on the beach...

...and they had air conditioned rest rooms with showers!!!  That was indeed a must as we drove about 45 minutes to get there, were planning on eating lunch after our morning on the beach, and let me tell you, that walk from the nice water with a breeze to the pavilion was friggin hot, yo!  I mean take your breath away you're in a steam shower hot!  We needed to cool down and shower off!  WHEW!

After we cleaned up, we went to the Oyster House restaurant which was featured on Man Vs. Food, which is a show the Mikey and I like to watch!  Here's Me with the poster!  

So, after our beach outing and lunch, we returned to 'Pier Relief' to have a nap... At which time our ding dong neighbors who were renting the next door rental and having a wedding that day (what a great day to have a wedding, on my birthday!) accidentally left the last part of their party at the house with their car blocked in!  I was relaxing downstairs reading my book and they came out in a panic asking for a ride to the wedding!  I got to drive them to the wedding at the pier in downtown Fairhope, AL.  

Later that evening, we had planned on going to the fancy restaurant in a town (can't remember which town it was, Magnolia?  Maybe?  IDK).  My stupid ass didn't make reservations.  We couldn't get in.  So, We went to downtown Fairhope, AL and drove towards the pier where the ding dong neighbors were having their wedding.  There was a restaurant on the pier and we thought VOILA!  What a great place to eat!  

NOT.  I've found the food in Alabama to be not the greatest.  All their food was either fried or boiled.  Or you could get it Broiled.  HMMMMM .... I guess I'll have broiled shrimp.  

BUT... We had Abuela with us! Who could ask for more!?!

Next time... the best food on the beach...

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