Friday, July 29, 2011

we went to lake conroe

Mike and I went to Lake Conroe two weeks ago... I know, It's been a while, but I've been busy traveling, recovering from traveling, and traveling again, and recovering again from traveling, and about to travel again in a week... WHEW!  Makes me tired thinking about it!  That's what summers are for and why they pay the me big bucks to be a teacher.

Anyway... Mike and I went to Conroe to see Mike's family.  He's the youngest of 6 siblings and is the cutest in my opinion, next to Edd, and John, and Carol, I could go on, but I married him so he's the cutest!

I took a couple of pics to share.  The weather was nice one day... otherwise really hot.  Actually it's really hot all over Texas... I don't care if it's 95 deg and 100% humidity, or 107 deg and 20% humidity, it's all really hot.  I digress...

Here is Carol.  We went to the pool one day and had some fun.  Love her!  She's a sweetie!

I took this pic of myself 'cause I'm a dork like that.

Carol took this pic of me lounging at the pool.

One morning, We rented a pontoon boat to take for a ride.  It was fun.  We did a home tour for a while until Mikey got bored with that... Oh well.

Here's Edd.  He's such a good brother-in-law!

Here's Carol... she's such a good Sister-in-law!

...And here's my Mikey!  He's such a good husband!

Oh... And... Here's my favorite nephew!  This would be Evin!  I just love him!  I met him when he was wearing floaties and was all of 4 years old!  I've watched him grow up and go to college... I couldn't be prouder!

I certainly didn't get pics of everybody... I just wasn't in the picture taking mood.  But I missed Pauline!  She is the mother of my husband and all of his siblings.  She makes this happen and is the bomb!  Love you Pauline!

We had a great trip!

More travels to come...

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