Monday, July 25, 2011

...before we went to Conroe...

A couple days before we went to Conroe, a day before Patrice was coming to visit, our AC went out!

Ho NO!  What are we going to do!?!?!

This was at the beginning of our stretch of 100deg plus days... a couple of weeks ago... It was HOT and still is HOT!  So... when said AC unit wouldn't come on this morning when Mikey was getting ready for work... we knew we had a problem... Houston? Houston? We have a problem!

When I wake up,  Mike trying to get some service online with the home maintenance insurance people to no avail.  So, Mike has to leave and I get the job of arranging service via telephone with the said service, as their online link was no help, thank you very much.

After 30 minutes on hold, I get a human to talk to.  I assure it is an emergency and they need to get someone out here 'cause it's gonna be 100 degrees and I have doggies here I'm not leaving alone in the hot house.  Granted it wasn't that hot in the house YET, but baby, it's coming!  Long story long, They can't get anyone out here until the next day.  The silver lining?  They will pay $125.00 towards a hotel room.  BOOYA!  So, I get online and am looking for a hotel that will allow doggies when it occurs to me to call the Belmont Hotel... And they allow dogs in three of their rooms, which one was available!  YAY!

So, we pack our shit (me, bags, two doggies and all their stuff, which ain't easy as the dogs were wired when they figured out they were going!), and head out to the Belmont Hotel around 3 that afternoon at which time the temp in the house is 87.  UGH!

Here is Luke in my rear view mirror... if you look closely, you can see him.

...and Ruby doing what she does in the car, sleep.  No. Matter. What.

So... The Belmont Hotel is an old motor court motel from the '40's that was in poor shape when it was purchased by some smart fellow who re-did it and made it wonderful!  It is on the edge of Oak Cliff on Ft. Worth Avenue, which used to be the only road to Ft. Worth from Dallas before the interstates were built.  It's really, really cool!  We stayed in room # 52.  ... as you can see.

Next to each room is a little patio area.  I guess these used to be little garages?  Cute!

...aaahhhhhh!  Air conditioning!  Sweet air!  Plus fan!  Luke's chilling...

Mike joined me just in time for pool time!  He had to finish work and go home to get his bag before he could come enjoy the sweetness!  Here he is in the pool area...

They have this nice little lawn that overlooks downtown Dallas.  They even do concerts at the pool during the summer, on this very lawn.  Nice...

Here is the pool.  Love it!

These shots are from our walk back from the pool.  It's really pretty, in an old school kinda way, which I love!

They are very green here.  Parking is either valet or off the lot so there are lots of plants (especially hedges of rosemary which is wonderful!).

Here's another shot of our room.  Love the iron work!

So... We headed back to the room to freshen up and go out for drinks and dinner.  YAY!  Our first stop, the Belmont Bar, which also overlooks downtown Dallas.

This is the indoor sitting area.

...and this is the view from the outdoor covered patio bar, which is really AWESOME!

And... here is my babe!

Oh... I got a shot of myself!

Mikey and I!  Good times!

Here's the marquee.  Nice!

So, after a drink, we head to 'Smoke', which is their restaurant on the property.  They specialize in home cooking done fancy.  It was so good... I forgot to take pics of our food when it came out, and I didn't think you'd want to see our pictures of our half eaten food, so long story long, again, here's my family as I checked in for the night...

Sweet dreams!

More later... it's been a wild and crazy summer of travels... got more... BOOYA!


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