Monday, July 11, 2011

my studio... yo!

Well... after Mother and Sister left a few weeks ago, my next step in the reincarnation of Mikey man cave #2 into Pagiey studio #1 was to really turn it into a functioning studio!  YAY!

First I had to get the wood to make the canvass topper for the desk that resides in the room.  It's solid and well built, just at the right height for me to work, however, I cannot work directly on wood with my clay.  I need canvas, and I didn't want to staple canvas to the desk.  A removable topper works very well.  So, off to Home depot to get the goods.  I wear a cute sundress... just because I like wearing sundresses in the summer when it's blazing hot, like it is in Dallas right now.  I got great service!  They retrieved the wood for me, cut it to my exact measurements (from my head), loaded it in my car, helped me get my car out of the loading dock... I mean, really great service!  Got the goods home, and I had forgotten the measurements.  It's too fucking short!

Whoopsie!  Well, I guess we're donating a $17.00 piece of plywood to the school 'cause I had them cut the wood wrong!  (**nertz!**)

So, in my embarrassment, I go to BLowes to get the plywood cut the correct way.  Really, the service at BLowes is not the same as Home Depot.  Not. at. all!  I mean really???  I asked for help cutting a piece of 8' x 4', 3/8" plywood and the guy says, 'You got the wood?'  Really??? I'm a 40 year old petite woman weighing 125 lbs... I can't carry that on my own!  That's why you help me, Sir!

... Anyway... Here is the finished product.  The wheel is borrowed from school, so it goes back in August.  We'll figure out another alternative when the time comes.  It's working though!

Here's the wheel ready for workin'...

In this shot, you can see my ware cart ready for work, and my nice canvas topper on the desk, ready for work!

Here's another shot!

...And, ladies and gentlemen... here is the fancy, super fancy, swivle chair I got at Big Lots!  It's even got flames coming from the seat!  (Not my flames coming from my seat, thank you very much!)

Finally, Here are my clay balls.  I threw several mugs and a couple experimental vases that I finished last week.  Things have been crazy busy so I haven't thrown much more, but I will!

More to come on my other adventures... It's been interesting!

Stay cool!

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