Thursday, July 28, 2011

my new obsession

I have a new obsession.

Hot Dogs.

Not that I eat them all the time, but they have become my go to junk food snack 'cause I'm sick of grilled chicken sandwiches, cheese burgers are out, and although I sometimes sneak in a hamburger, they are still very fatty and since hotdogs are boiled, they can't have that much fat (I don't want to know).  It's not like I've eaten that many hot dogs, just a couple 3 or 4 since January.

It started with turkey dogs at home.  On Sunday afternoons, after we ate Pho for lunch (seriously, how far does that shit go anyway!) we'd snack on a hotdog.  I've always been a ketchup on a hotdog kinda girl.  Corn dogs too.  Then I discovered Chicago style hotdogs!  YUM! (thanks, Sonic)  The relish is a lot like ketchup.  Kinda sweet.  And the peppers and fresh tomato YUM! The Sam's hotdog is worthy, very worthy.  I even had a bite of Home Depot's hot dog and that was damn good too!

Mikey always gets kraut dogs with mustard.  I've always snubbed my nose at his mustardy sour krautty dog.  He's even brought home single serv baggies of kraut so he can kraut out his turkey dog at la casa.

I tried one.

From Sonic.


This is the 'New York Style' kraut dog from Sonic I got on the way to the Hill Country last week.  It was my first.  I texted the pic to Mikey so he could see I was gonna eat one.  Sour kraut, grilled onions, and mustard.  Good bun, tasty weenie.  It was awesome!  

It was so good, I had to get another on Monday during welding class.  

Speaking of welding class...

This is me after grinding metal in 100+ degree heat. It was HOT, Yo!

... and this is my first ARC welding practice weld lines.

Back to hotdogs... Here are our not hot dogs 'cause they've got AC.

Here is Ruby.  She wiggles a lot so it's sometimes hard to get a focused shot on the fly.

...and here's Luke chillin' in Dad's recliner.

Till next time...

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