Thursday, September 1, 2011

watch your step!

Today the funniest, strangest, klutzy thing happened to me! (ok... shut up... I know I'm a klutz... there is a reason one of my mother's nick names for me is 'Grace').

So...  I'm going to school... a little tired as it's been a crazy week with school starting and all.  I've been parking in the 'senior' parking lot because it is an underground parking lot right across the street and covered parking = cool car in the afternoon when you get in your car.  It's still hot as hades, Y'all!  My deodorant melted the other day when I had to park in the faculty parking lot (I go to the gym before work every day, that's why I have deo in my car).

ANYWAY... as I'm walking around the school to go inside by the loading dock, which is by my classroom that I need to unlock, and by the time clock that I have to 'thumb-in' before I walk to my office and proceed with checking school e-mails and get ready for class.  I'm walking behind a student I don't know who is walking pretty slowly.  I've got to clock in by 8:15am.  I cut through the grass around this student when my foot drops a foot in the ground!!!!! I face plant in the grass, dress goes up, all my shit goes everywhere, lunch, purse, computer case, me, all on the grass!!!!!  Cars are driving into the faculty parking lot, who knows who saw me!!!! I then stand up, pull my foot up to find my shoe is sucked into this hole, and I can't see a hole!  Shoe gone!  Grass and mud on my leg... no shoe and no hole!  WHAT????  The young man stops to help me (nice guy) gather my shit, and I start fishing around in the grass to find this huge hidden hole with my shoe in it.  I put my shoe on, gather what's left of my composure, and proceed to school... dignity lost in that hole.

I share my story with some laughs and some unnecessary sympathy (It's funny, y'all... I don't need your sympathy!).  Then it occurs to me to tell the head custodian, Alan, who is awesome, by the way, about said hole.  We laugh about the story and then I show him the hole.  His reaction is disbelief that this huge hole is hidden in the grass for anyone to plop their foot into!  After he placed a cone on it with intentions to take care of the situation, I decided to take pictures of the offending hole!

Here's the pylon over the hole so other people don't step in it...

Here my alien finger is pointing out the hole after I moved the grass out of the way... Danger Danger!

Here's my foot with the shoe that got sucked in.  I'm sure glad I found it... that'd be hard to explain, and harder to teach sculpture without a shoe!

I probably will have a bruise on my other knee that planted on the ground before the rest of my body.  Thank goodness it was on grass and I wasn't hurt further!

Oh well... Makes a good story though!

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  1. Wow! What a crazy walk. Guess it's one reason to be thankful there hasn't been any rain. :) Love u!