Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring break... take one

Well... It's been an event full Spring Break this week.  I started out by going to Baton Rouge last Saturday morning to see my mother.
Here she is in all her glory!  Love that woman!

Much to our surprise... My sister, Liz and her son, my nephew, Gabe decided to come and join the festivities!  What FUN!!!

Here are a couple pics of Liz and the Gaber!  What a cutie!  He's got his Monkey and his 'B' (that would be his blankie) with him!

And here is a lovely pic of Ms Margaret with her grand baby, Gabey!  What a cuteie!  (that would be Miss Lucky in the background.)

And we have a nice close-up of the Grandmother with the Grandson.  How adorable!!!

 We had a wonderful trip.  We ate crawfish, Chicken Shwarma (which is a Greek chicken version of Gyro which is not available in Dallas... at all!  It is most tasty and I crave it.  I can't get it here so I requested it while in Baton Rouge), Raw oysters (Yum and on my diet!  YAY), and Momma made her spaghetti!  Yum!!!  What a wonderful visit!

Alas, I have more pictures... however I cannot figure out how to re-size them on my new MacBook Air from my nice Cannon camera.  I'll have to ask my friend, Cassie to help me with the re-sizing.  Not a big problem,  just will take another post to get the good stuff going.

The rest of my break was awesome with me remodeling Mikey's Man Cave #2 into Paigey's studio #1... A post will be following as well... Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful Sunday night... I'm looking forward to an event filled week starting with lots of art filled activities!


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