Monday, March 21, 2011

spring break... part two!

With the help of my dear friend, Miss Cassie, I was able to re-size my cannon photos for this illustrious blog.  Enjoy!

Oh... and I am trying to figure out how to sequence these pictures... to no avail!  Oh Well...

Here is Gabe at the park with a 'cracker' which he pronounces as 'carrr' I think.

He's got a little goobie on his lip!

Here he is eating strawberries at Ms. Margaret's house before he went to the park.  You see, I wanted to put this picture before the park pictures but it wasn't happening... oh well.  He's pretty cute though!

Now we're back at the park hanging out with his Momma, Liz and Ms. Harriet (I think).

He really likes his truck!!!!

Now, this is earlier in the day, before the park and visit with Ms. Harriet.  He was loving on his 'B'.  Oh how cute!  Lynus re-do!

And here we have Gabe eating strawberries with his Momma, Liz, before the park adventure!

And... Now we're back at the park with Momma, Liz!  This is a good one! (ps... she snuck in my closet and borrowed my shirt!)

Finally back home, We have Momma... in all of her pride and glory!  Surly happy to have her girls and grandbaby with her!

... At least we hope!

And after all of his adventures that day, Mr. Gabey was sure tuckered out!  He was sitting in my lap, almost falling asleep, even before dinner, just wanting to go to sleep!  I will remember this forever!  Love you , Gabey!

The end...

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  1. Aaaawwwww! I really love the last pic. :) Very nice and I love seeing our visit through your eyes a bit. Thanks! Love you.