Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well... I've injured my heel. The doctor says it might be a stress fracture. I went in today at two and she sent me for an X-ray at presby. I drove out there only to find a miserable bunch of people waiting... I've got things to do, folks, so I'll be there at the crack of dawn to get my bones photographed.

I injured my foot on new years with my new-ish Doc Martins (boots). They were just getting nice and broken in. Well, the nice 'soft' leather buckled in on my heel ankle area. It was a little painful however I figured I could just run it out... The treadmill was ok... Not the 5+ mile run on the Katy trail! That was last Wednesday. I can barely walk now. The doc says six weeks or so depending on my X-ray. I can bike though!!! So there goes my aspirations of the half marathon in January. Don't worry run club!!! I'll be back!