Monday, January 16, 2012

big bike ride

Well... we did the Jingle Bell run with RunClub on December 21st!  How exciting it was and so much fun!  I was so pumped with my running!

Here's my outfit for the run!

Here are Anna, Ms. E and I during the run...

...And our after run group shot with the big Christmas tree... I got a lot of running apparel for Christmas and missed a few days of running... so I was out to catch-up... 

Meanwhile, I wore big bad Doc Martins boots on New Years day and messed up my heel.  I didn't think it was too bad.

... a few light runs and one big run later (in my good running shoes), and I have a suspected stress fracture to my left heel.  SUCKS!  I've blogged about this a little but never talked about our Jingle Bell Run that was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! 

I can't run now... until I heal my heel.  Boo.  

My Doctor says I can cycle now though!  SO.... I get out my bike (named Maggie the light purple Magna).

Mike bought me the bike in May... right before it got hot as shit.  And it got hot as shit.  So I didn't ride it at all... then started running.  Well... I broke out the bike and went for a really good ride today...

Here is Juliana, my friend and Alumni Association President, fellow bike rider and inspiring person in my life. 

We rode from my house all the way out to the high five, past it, and back!  WOO HOO!!!!

Here we are at the High Five on our way back!

YUP... a goofy picture of me!  HA HA!

... And the high five again.  We went 13 miles!  What a nice bike ride... the weather was perfect and it was a beautiful trail.  AHHHH.  Love it!  So, I'll be biking while my heel heals and I can get back to running again.  

It was good...



  1. Please to define 'hot as sh**'. Have you ever felt sh** to know it's core temp? I would think this occurs on a diminishing curve, but I'm curious and must rely upon your expertise. ;)

  2. Technically, It would have been hotter than shit, as shit is usually around 98.6 degrees (unless the person is sick or dead), and it was well over 100 degrees most of the summer. Maybe hot as dog shit? Fresh dog shit at that... and yes I've touched it. (think waking up in the morning, it's kinda dark, you think it's a little leaf on the steps, only to find as your forefinger and thumb grasp the 'leaf' that it indeed is NOT a leaf but a turd!)